Why T.D. Real estate Istra?

We offer you a wide range of services, from location finding, through conceptual projects to finished products by “key-to-hand” principle.

We have everything we need to accomplish all your desires, finding and building your place of living or vacation. Contact us with confidence and help you realize your dreams!


We have a wide base of potential land and locations. You want to taste the Mediterranean, close to the tourist offer, but again peace and quiet? Ask us and tell us your wishes, and we will find for you an ideal place for your dream home.

Project documentation

Designing an object and its accompanying content is one if not the most essential element needed to successfully fulfill your dreams of an ideal real estate. We do everything; we fulfill your dreams, save your time and resources.


We have finished projects, but for those of you most demanding, we do the design of the facility and the environment just the way you want it. Take advantage of our expert advice and our team.


According to the project, we build buildings from roof to roof. The works we carry include literally everything, even the tiniest detail of the tiles of your tiles in the bathroom.

Network Connections

As part of the agreement, we will perform all pre-installation and installation of all the installations and connections you need. Expertly, quickly and by appointment.

Key in hand

You want to invest in real estate that will be exactly the way you want, to the smallest detail. Sort the mosaic of your real estate, and our team will give you the key.

Miroslav Cancar

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Damir Tadić

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